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YOULEEVHONG Well-known brand in the field of natural plant skin care

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With the increasing demand for "gentle and safe" skin care, especially in recent years, the concept of natural care has been sought after by the market, and natural plant skin care products have begun to usher in a good opportunity for market development.
Now most skin care brands are following this trend and starting to develop corresponding products. Of course, there are also some skin care brands that have already seen the market opportunities and devoted themselves to the field of natural skin care early.

As a leading brand of plant skin care in China, Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG is committed to giving women a natural skin care experience. The founder of the brand concentrates on the field of plant skin care, with reverence for the beauty of nature, extracts the pure and gentle fresh plant essence from the golden zone and uses the world's top skin care technology to use natural skin care ingredients to gently nourish the skin. At the same time, it advocates different seasons. Satisfy the skin's needs and let the skin truly return to its natural beauty.

Focus on quality and build unique brand DNA
Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG is positioned at "plant extracts, pure care; derived from nature, dripping pure". By combining natural plants with modern technology, it creates a unique brand culture and distinctive brand personality, opening up the gap with other plant skin care brands , To create a differentiated brand DNA. Up to now, the brand has a variety of mature products such as handmade essential oil soaps, whitening creams, etc., to meet the diverse needs of consumers, while opening up a blue ocean of its own brand.
For brands, high-quality products are the key to winning the market, and good quality means a strong brand. According to Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG, the technical content and research and development of products are the more essential things of a brand. Therefore, Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG chooses to devote more energy to R&D and innovation, and always regards product quality as the core pursuit of the brand. It is reported that Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG's annual product R&D investment has accounted for 10% of the company's revenue, far exceeding many top-tier brands. It is the long-term investment in scientific research that makes Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG's plant-based skin care products highlight the gold content of scientific research and gain the love of many consumers.

Focus on scientific research, highlight the core driving force of the brand
Without quality, there is no brand, and R&D has become an important link in determining quality and the decisive key to whether a brand can develop for a long time. The Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG brand relies on R&D centers in Switzerland, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, Mainland China and other places, and has innovatively constructed a professional service system integrating product raw material supply, formula research and development, production, processing and sales.

Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG takes botanical herbal formulas as the core competitiveness of its brand. It not only grasps the precious characteristics of plants, but also builds a complete and mature plant skin care industry chain. It has created differentiated brand slogans in the highly homogenized beauty market, and plants have become An important part of brand culture. The core competitiveness of the brand has been strengthened, and the brand influence has continued to expand. In addition, Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG’s products also incorporate modern technology with broken wall ultra-micro technology, high-precision extraction of high-quality raw materials, to ensure high cleanliness and natural activity of each drop of ingredients, and strive to achieve the ideal of each product formula The beauty care effect and quality and safety standards of the product make it fresh, natural and safe every time you use it.

When any skin becomes fragile as a result, "natural skin care" becomes an important protective measure. Yin Lixiang YOULEVHONG brand, the natural organic skin care, with professionalism and ingenuity, brings better natural skin care experience to female friends.